LF team alliances with non atlas teams

Not your average thread here but i figured this to be the best place to post :+1:

What i am looking for is other mutual teams who are aimming at the same goal as mine that we can align with and hopefully help eachother along the way.

My team is currently 47/50 members and in G1. We will not be making any attempts for platinum until our members are a little more balanced in lvls and organized in wars. Our member lvls range from 15 to 320
Team name is TheAkasha

My team is trying for Sapphire WITHOUT atlas.
Yes, you can laugh :))) but for us, it doesn’t matter how likely it is for us to get there - only how far we actually CAN get. Its about the journey, not the destination :wink: and this challenge is keeping it fun.

What i am looking for in other teams who may be interested in this alliance:
You must be serious about this goal as we are. That means no less than 45/50 members and somewhere above G3.
If you do not meet those requirements, but are expected/planning to, you can still contact me.
… Obviously you can’t if you already have atlas :joy:

And for those of you who are veterans lurking on this thread… I know how you guys can be so please keep the comments either positive or informative :slight_smile: am not posting here to hear how unlikely this is for a goal.


I think bendyourknees has an alliance like what you’re looking for :thinking:

:thinking: I guess a good start to work together is a proper introduction :slightly_smiling_face:
Like your team name and current subleague.

Good point :joy: i forgot. It’s updated now.

Hm, i looked up that team but it seems they are inactive. Thank you for the reference though!

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