LF1M – 1stnightfury – 370+ Capt ahab looking for a whale

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As the title reads I’m looking for a whale we at 1stnight have a great team with a renowned leader and are searching for that special person to compliment our team.

You must enjoy long walks thru ashes of burnt islands. You must be a legit whale. We like our bases a little thick, but not filled with artificial sugars of cheats. If you don’t know if you are a whale… you are only a goldfish in an aquarium who has never seen the sea.

What can you enjoy from us? We rock. We are the team you can be proud to take home to the family. We will actively defend your base and dietary habits of growth. We know a lot of people and well basically our tc smells of chocolate chip cookies and winning. We let our dragons frolic with unicorns and we won’t judge you for being big. We are centralized no where and represent the global unity of war dragons.


Seek myself if you are a pleasantly plump base 370 and above.


Sorry i’m Just a goldfish but good luck finding that special person.
Wouldn’t we all love a whale with no job and no life though :joy:
I know I would.


Don’t be sad little whales.

As he’s looking for a lv 370+ without tower descriptions I’ll take the mini whales lv 300-369 with an tower average of 50+. :grin: just pm me

Haha you’re cute. I like this post. Your recruitment makes me laugh.

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Hey @Warlord don’t be all up in my turf… I’m spitting recruitment game and you are riding my coat tails it’s throwing my game off!!!

Little warlord speared you for that I couldnt stop him and his angry Nec, hau and enki gang.



I’m surprised you didn’t bring WHALEgnawler


Here’s my :whale2: for you @xJJSK2018x

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Here’s one. Apparently he’s legit :man_facepalming:

That is not a whale that is a minnow

:joy::joy: well he’s got deep pockets apparently… 2weeks playing only apparently :man_shrugging:

He’ll be 400 soon! :joy:

No sir… I want a real whale that can fly as well

I’m too low a level :persevere:

@TheRedDelilah , dak would make an exception for you I’m sure.

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You are not too low :joy:. Bigger than me already

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She’s low but very active she promise


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