LF2M - Sapphire III - VendexEmpire - seeking 1 very active LVL 100+ players. Atlas team - Top 5 in events

We seek one very active player looking to join a competitive and successful team. Benefits are as follows:

  • Most of our players are level 100+
  • place in top 5 for events.
  • Level 300s+ on the team
  • We have Atlas ranked #117 and climbing.
  • Team Leader actively recruits to replace unreliable players allowing members to play game and worry less about team status
  • Although we enjoy the team we have no intent to go diamond
  • Inactive notification chat: because we understand life priorities
  • Line account, FB,

We value reliable players and everyone in the team does his/her part.


Hmm, all teams in atlas are top 5 in events in atlas (there are only 5 slots per grouping)

Having said that, Vendex is a cool team, can’t go wrong with them

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