LFM - 0DragonGods0 - Sapphire 2/3 - lvl 200+ very active and high contribution players


Language: English

Age Range: 18+

Elite Account?: Preferred, but optional

About: We usually get the 8/8 team prize (1200 sigils) for fort and feeding events and are very close to that prize in other events. Just need a few more people for it. We get 200+ sigils from the event quest team chest reward (level 8+ chest). In atlas, we have 200-300% shard bonuses, 59% gold bonus, 1150 total egg tokens per day (including sapphire 3 daily tokens), 32% increased troop training speed, 44% xp bonus, and 14 castles (multiple for each element). We actively are acquiring castles to increase our bonuses. We have lots of helpful people for xp runs, event quest follows, rss transfers, etc.

War and event participation is non negotiable. Everyone is expected to pull their weight, atlas included. We monitor participation in events and atlas and expect everyone to achieve the following.

-ALL WARS 5 Flames

-8/8 team prize points cutoff for all events

-Train troops (1600 new troops per day in addition to any you revive), contribute gold (farm 2m+ gold per day to contribute to taxes), keep a minimum of 125k troops in reserve at all times, and be active for alliance defenses and attacks in response to requests in the alliance chat.

-Follow directions of team leadership during pvp events, wars, and atlas battles.

-30 points daily for event quests (150+ total per event)

-game notifications turned on

Lower player levels will be considered based on activity and event contribution. Contact CosmicTurtleDG and ElvendorDG in game to apply. Apply even if full.


Got some openings


We still have room for 1-2 very active players at end of pvp.


Got a few open slots


Got some slots


Got some openings


Got some openings


Got some openings


Got some openings


I read it 16000 the first time.



Got some openings


Got some openings


Got some openings


Got some openings