LFM 10 Members or more. 15+ (Atlas Team) G4 - BattleGods


Looking for More (Member Recruiting)
LFM – **BattleGods**lvlRequirement is above 15+
Gold IV Unstoppable Jorns
Language: English, Spanish or German
Time Zone: MET or any Zone
Played time: Anytime of day
Age Range: All ages
Elite Account?: Not a must.
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gunner and Hidr


Our “BattleGods” team can be used as your feeder and training team, if you wish. Members can come and go as they wish back to their team a bit better leveled by Atlas training. We also offer leaders or their members a place to park Alts and Minis (second Rider or player) between events. We can also mentor in Atlas before you get it at “BattleGods”.

Example how other Leaders have used us, before they kick someone, they offer “Join BattleGods to train”. They come until they find a more active team to join. Spread the word to other Leaders if you have an Alliance.


Can I come and go as I please? Looking for a home for my Alt…


Hey, your Alt or Mini can be parked here. Remember that “Auto Kick” is on. We don’t kick anyone unless they create some Drama or are rude to any players.


Will still have a couple of spots available. Take advantage and join our Atlas Team “BattleGods” train those lazy Dragons…

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