LFM 12-15 players- Gold 1- 123Dragon- Lv60+

Language: English
Time Zone: All
Played time: Varies
Age Range: Any age welcome
Elite Account?: Required
Dragon Roster Includes: Level appropriate dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold+

Here at 123Dragon we are a closely knit family based team of players! We are looking to bring our team up to platinum and beyond and have just done our spring cleaning! We would love to bring in some players that are active and looking to work together to move up in leagues! We have about 30 active players and 10 of us have alts in the team so 40 currently, alts are welcome to come too as long as you can keep up with events and wars on both :slight_smile: We make war and event participation a priority!

If you are interested in a merger we can accommodate up to 15 players if needed. We would like the merger to come here to us as we’ve been a team for over a year, and players would like to keep this team name! We are offering an officer position, and would like a bigger group of people!

If interested please apply in-game through the team finder or message myself: Paxala or one of the other officers: Leader: Zillios1 Officers: DrakkoKingX Tjeh FiestyFruitLop

Hope to hear from you soon!

Update: We are still looking for some active members, and would love to welcome a group of 4-6 loyal people together to our team! We are also open to small merges to our team possibly up to 12 spots if we remove alts!

Please message me or our leader in game: My ign has changed to Paxala and our leader is Zillios1

Updated info! POSSIBLY interested in a merger.

Update! Looking for a merge to us!

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