LFM 1nsan3J0k3rs

:point_right: Plat 2 :point_left:

Requirements: 8/8 in pvp and fort (7/8 in breeding unless during discount week it is 8/8 :star:sometimes we get 8/8 on random breed events during season :star:) 5/5 in quests.

Currently anyone over 100 can apply. We are Atlas Pirates :fire::pirate_flag: Hit what u want, where u want, when u want.

We have a wide range of time zones covered in the team, good back up in events and atlas.

We will defend your base so can get that hit in first…(well Fairy will :rofl::hammer_and_pick:)

If interested in any of the above :point_up_2: which of course u should be…drop that application or mail in game and we can talk about it.




I was taught a great offense starts with a great defense :fire::pirate_flag:


One of the most enjoyable teams I’ve been on, wreak havoc and have fun :smiling_imp: awesome team for an aspiring / current pirate. Highly recommend!


Thanks MrM! :kissing_heart:


Thanks monopoly, good to cya again :wave:

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Great team to be on…lots of freedom in atlas and very helpful teammates…


we are looking for members? Never knew. If so I want a puppy this time

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But then you’ll have to be housebroken! :kissing_heart:


if you wanna blame anyone for the wet carpets blame the person with an animal nickname :unamused:

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Could it be a monkey? No!

Hehehehe love and miss you monke :heart_eyes_cat:

These days pirates own castles

Still looking for 2 J0k3rs to join after pvp-before fortification!

Pirates hold more access than you guys do, if my math is right


Monke has cursed my keyboard!
@Forsworn :eye::tongue::eye:

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We are still looking for a player to start after breeding! Come check us out… very competitive team, lots of fun people!


Amazing team/family! You won’t regret coming here! :crossed_swords: :fire::blue_heart::green_heart:

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Come burn stuff with us :fire: :fire: :fire: . Not irl ofc. Only ElementSword brings her cannon everywhere, the rest of us are normal…sorta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: