LFM 2-3 Members. 200+ (atlas team) S3—NightAngels

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Language:English or Understands English
Time Zone: Any
Played time:
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Dont matter
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnet or Higher
Highest Lineage Dragon: Looking for OBS or close too

About: Hello dragon lovers! NightsAngels (S3) Atlas based team is recruiting to fill 2-3 spots. Please contact SHIIxDEVIL. Apply even if full :muscle:t3:

Requirements, we are currently looking for are:
-level 200+
-Speaks and understands English
-Active/ Very Active status
-Must participate for all Wars/ Defense.
-Participate in Atlas and W.D Events.
-Follows Rules without issues.
-Drama Free and must be age 18+
-Line App for Communication.

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