LFM - 50ShadesOfFire - Plat IV - Size does not matter



Language: Dirty? English.
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Do Not Care
Dragon Roster Includes: Do not care
Highest Lineage Dragon: Do not care

Axi says join 50ShadesOfFire a platinum iv team already established in Atlas. A place where size doesn’t matter it’s how you use it. Our red room has no safe words.

Our general requirement is 100, but shoot me a message here, or Chesthira or I a message in game and we will accept lower levels.

50ShadesOfFire an English speaking team in plat iv.

*NOTE no Axi’s have been injured in the making of this add, but Nolliag doesn’t want to leave the red room.


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