LFM - Active Atlas Killers

:fire:MadTeaParty will have room after this PvP event

We are NOT a retirement home for those looking to take a break. We are extremely active atlas killers that take pride in our performance in Atlas.

:pirate_flag: Top 25 Global in the first Atlas Glory event this season
:pirate_flag: Multiple members in top 25 Troops destroyed during non-PvP weeks
:pirate_flag: We maintain activity near 100/100 (Do you like having your base defended when you are hitting a castle?)
:pirate_flag: Hit any team not in our 3TA, we are pirates NFG
:pirate_flag: We have testimonials (hate mail) from other teams if you need references

8/8 for all events except breeding 7/8 (8/8 usually happens)
10/10 team quest prize
Level: 150+ If you are lower but think you can hang feel free to apply
Must be highly active in Atlas.

Feel free to reach out to xBadNewsx if you have any questions.