Lfm Ailuros75 is looking for teammates ready to compete


Language: English but if your bilingual in Italian that be a bonus
Time Zone:Any we from all over
Played time:very/active status
Age Range: mature
Minimum level 300+
Atlas involvement a must

About: Ailuros75

We are rising in ranks and want to take you along for the ride :smiling_imp: we are looking for 3-5 active players who want to join us in our fight to higher leagues. We have players from all over the world :canada: :it: :us: :australia: :egypt: :philippines: :uk: and are currently high P1 with 9 castles, amazing 5TA, and 5/5 and 8/8 required.

Message ladykelly or Loraella if interested or have questions. Happy flying!

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Only thing I know about this guild is that they donโ€™t bubble much, even to some decently sized hits for their APR.

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Yes we tend to keep our eyes on our castles and be good neighbors. I been leader of a team for 95% of my gameplay but I couldnโ€™t done it without amazing players I met through the years. We are,a tight knit group. I know a lot off teams are having it rough lately but we still hanging in thereโ€ฆThe 2 openings we have (3rd been just taken)are not because they donโ€™t like our team but sigh game issues and life or this post wouldnโ€™t exist. If you interested in joining donโ€™t hesitate to apply.


If you have questions donโ€™t hesitate to ask either

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