LFM—ArkhamLegends–Soon to be plat

Language: English preferred but many are bilingual
Time Zone: Worldwide
Played time: Few weeks, new team
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Preferred not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes: X
Highest Lineage Dragon: X

About: We at ArkhamLegends are a family. Extremely helpful when needed. :grin:Wars and events are mandatory! We’re soon heading to platinum and are looking to score a few more players. Level doesn’t exactly matter, just looking for active/very active members who will do wars and events. We have Line but it’s not mandatory. We score in top 5 for events. Want to join us? Message me (KillerFrost) or come apply. Alts are 100% welcome




Maybe if you tell them how hot you are, you will get more interest lmao

We have a team that just split and are platinum, looking for players to take in or maybe do a merger style join up. Name is Breezy17 in game.

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