LFM Ashes2stone Platinum (Recruiting)

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Time Zone:all zones but leader in EST
Played time: 2years plus
Age Range: 20 -55
Elite Account?:yes preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: all divines, garnet or better to apply
Highest Lineage Dragon: obsidian Neptus

About:I started this team as a fun place for drama free play and we did well in just a short time moved up to platinum and have been to sapphire as well. We have several diamond players and Atlas. You must be willing to follow our war rules, our team rules, be on for all wars and spend defined time as well as help with o5er duties as needed. We offer assistance with your base and other help. We seek long term players who want a team that is more like a family. We all look out for each out for each other and expect players who do more than just show for war and run assists. We have line chats and ask for you to have line. Griffin9a2s is IGN M1chaelcorleone is line. We are part of re alliance and the gathering storm alliance as well as friends with many diamond teams.

  1. :thinking: 156+ then…
  2. Neptus isn’t a lineage dragon…
    Add. Subleague?

Sorry someone pointed out that Neptus isn’t a lineage dragon. Perhaps I’m not too good at forum posts. One of us I believe has Ryo. And we do have a lvl 375. Coming Monday so perhaps that may change as well.

Our second team is Stones2ashes gold1 soon to be platinum team. I also expect us to be back in sapphire in a couple of weeks.

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