LFM-Atlas Plat 1--JesusIsTheKing--150+

Time Zone:all over the world
Played time:
Age Range: adults
Elite Account?:preferred
Dragon Roster Includes:sapphire or higher
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About: We are a fun active team–we are seeking active players who want to participate in wars, events and atlas. We are a part of a large atlas alliance of 35 teams broken into 7 alliances of 5 teams in atlas. We are a member of CHHW1-- teams are from Platinum II to Sapphire II.

We are currently seeking 3 new teammates to replace a couple who is moving on together and an alt position. If you are in a group with more, we can consider it, we do have some alts accounts. Please in game message me if you are interested IGN is “Amazezone”

I look forward to talking to you. Hope we can fly together soon.


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