LFM - Bronze II - NomadicMidgets - Alt Team

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern USA but I really don’t care

About: Since my main group has finally filled back up after a team implosion I was able to shove my minis out to make room for others. Right now they are just banded together as a pair but I’m open to housing any alts that people might want to store and continue to play in a low stress environment. Team can rise and fall into whatever comfortable happy medium it lands in. Obviously there would be some wars but seeing as how these are alts I’d hardly imagine myself being a taskmaster.

If interested message IxTTxI or TxIIxT or drop me a message here.

Extra Note: This is not affiliated with any other team and is not intended to serve as a feeder to any other group in particular. Just a chill place to keep your Alts, Minis, and Midgets.


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