LFM CharredRunes Sapphire2 lvl280+

Lvl: 280 (if above 250 and have obsidian we can negotiate)
DP: min 500M on attack screen
Primes: all 3 slots unlocked, silvers preferred
Language: English
Time Zone: Europe and Asia preferred but not a must
Played time: nothing really matters. Must be very active status
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account: yes, Atlas Elite preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: we don’t care as long as you can fly what you have
Highest Lineage Dragon: obsidian preferred, if you have a good base and are a good guy/girl emerald is okay

We are an Atlas focus team, we expect our members to do their job and we do our job as a team for each individual player. We have a minimum troops amount requirement and as well minimum gold farmed requirement. Minimum event performance is basic. We finance the primarch upgrades from team bank based on the individuals performance.
There is no drama in the team, our leadership is fair and straightforward. We tolerate IRL issues as this is a game and we prefer individuals who can decide on their own what they can afford and what not.
We are 24/7 covered.
If interested to join, please contact me (BulcsuVezer) in game, or we can chat here a bit as well (I prefer in game).



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