LFM D2 Caradhras recruiting

Language: English
Time Zone: any, American or Asian time zone preferred
Age Range: 18+ only
Elite Account?: Recommended
Dragon Roster Includes: Let’s see
Highest Lineage Dragon: 400+ Emp

Caradhras is having one or two spots opening by the end of the event and thus looking for fresh blood. Low drama D2, low danger atlas gameplay and overall laid back and yet competitive.

All we’d like to ask of you is to being able to pull your own weight, do know what common sense is and, well, ‘are not a dick’.

If this has peaked your interest feel free to apply.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

First post!

Not applying, but had to say hi! :wave:

Hey, been a while. Warm regards to you and Jet.



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