LFM-D2/D1(Depends on week)-1stNightFury-250+

We are mostly an English speaking team but have many languages represented.

We are looking for a few good players. Currently in d2. But we float. We are a strong atlas team with some very skilled, knowledgeable and well respected players.

Must love war, chit chatting, slaughtering the troops of our enemies.

Please contact XxJJSKxX or GingaNinja316 for info.

If kinnarus or equestor are your “go to” dragon. You need not apply. I’d rather set my face on fire and put it out with a fork than watch those dragons fly during a war…


That is because you are too busy loving Girasol. I get it.

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Yeaaahhhh… girasol great dragon. For a perch.

Hey hey now, we all know that double black dildo head is @TheRedDelilah 's favorite dragon

Equestor is good for low level

This recruitment is specifically asking for players above level 250 :wink:

This is an absolutely amazing team, by the way!! Love these guys

Also @mechengg :unamused:

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