LFM D2 MysticWarriors Active players level 400+ Emp+ Next event

Looking for New Members MysticWarriors


Language: English (at least the basics)
Time Zone: ANY
Played time: Very Active
Age Range: 18+ only
Elite Account?: Yes please
Dragon Roster Includes: Show us what you have, Pathox, Surt/UVS, Ronin, Nam/Meg, etc.
Highest Lineage Dragon: 400+ Vanguards

About: MysticWarriors is always looking for a few good players. Send a PM or better, contact our clan leader in game. Very active D2 clan, great folks. Low drama and super nice Atlas castles in all of the right places with the right crafting shards. Make your long term home with us!

Always looking for talent! Take a look at us in game and send mail. Thanks!


Hwrd! Where’s your caaaaaaake???

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PG might have taken my cake, but we have cake and eat it too every day in my clan. :slight_smile:

Free cake :cake: and kitten :cat: to join :thinking:
Does it sound too good ?? :heart_eyes_cat:

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ice so my turret can stop feeling so neglected??


I can highly recommend MW :+1::wink:


Eh… hope the bank sharing policy is a bit better now. Good luck! :+1:t2:

Very good team. Good leadership policies and atlas focus are key features.


Hmm… the odd random quotes about LC and bank RSS are kinda concerning lol… care to elaborate mr. Howard…
Only with cat memes, please. :+1: ty


This is pretty easy.

A) Bashing other teams or players in LC (trash talking) is not allowed nor is spilling over private clan conversations. Rude/lewd behavior reflects poorly on the clan. In short, feel free to say hello to friends. Posting about your anatomy problems (real or imagined) for juvenile humor isn’t appreciated.

B) The banks are currently 100% full and we are self serve. Post a form in line, deliver whatever RSS you need within reason. No waiting. No checking with an officer. Just send yourself whatever. No, we are not going to let someone take 56 million wood (which is what I need next Fort) in the first 2 hours and then log off for the rest of the event and not replenish anything during the week. That is just rude.

So, common sense. If you have it, and meet the other criteria we want you to app. Anyone who is a 8 year old stuck in a 40 year old body, may not be a super strong fit. :slight_smile:


You just lost 75% of the community unfortunately. :joy:


Bank RSS sharing policy only bad if you are a slacker.
so slackers do not need to apply

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That’s ok. 20:80 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Do you think that majority of the player base is worth it? IDK…

Bump. Do you have an eye for success? We want you!

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Someone said eye?


Spend your Valentine week with us, and then stick around. Looking for qualified players. Send me a PM or better yet, message our clan leader in game.

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