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Language: English
Time Zone: USA/Canada
Played time: N/A
Age Range: 18 + only
Elite Account?: N/A
Dragon Roster Includes: N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon: N/A

About: Our team name is DarkForestPath (Bronze League), This team is born at midnight from the belly of Lady Death on 10/07/2018 at purgatory. We worship our Lady Death to the depth of hell. Our goal is to spread darkness, and suffering in every corner of the war dragons world. Anyone who dare stand before us will turn to ash by our Lady Death power. Lady Death only want the follower that love hell and give in to their inner darkness. DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY WHO DARE AGAINST US. Please sent our Lady Death if you want to join her realm. IGN is ApexNagara.



Scary stuff. I prefer flowers, rainbows, and gumbo. :grimacing:


I prefer blood and bones.


I do not mind night flowers, but everything else can consumed by darkness and fire


Hows the recruiting going?


:sunglasses::tumbler_glass: cheers mate


BUMP. We looking thr stronger play to help our Lady Death.


We still looking for help.


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