LFM - Darksiders316 - Plat1 (currently) 500+ preferably

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Language: any
Time Zone: we are spread out through timezones
Played time:
Age Range: 18+ lol
Elite Account?: your choice
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

Ahoy 🫶🏼🏴‍☠️
Do you like to open atlas and just go killing without checking the bot? :bomb:
Do you like having teammates that would never fail you on getting 8/8, 5/5?:smirk:
Do you enjoy raiding with your teammates, your TA but aren’t able to do much of that?:pensive:
Is your prim sitting with too much glory cause of lack of gold?:smiling_face_with_tear:
Do you just like to piss people off cause its fun and good glory?:yum:
Do you ever think about just throwing your hands up at alliances and just go for the pirate life? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well then, here’s a quick fix. Join us at the Darksiders and make your own rules, your own chaos and your own fun.
We’ve got experienced diamond players and rebellious pirates guiding you through the OP base build, atlas kills, shining on leaderboards on main events too with easy tips and hustle we have gained over the years, if you’d want em to. :stuck_out_tongue: We play smart and not hard :joy: :muscle:t4:
Team raids and sniping, making a mess and earning your own hate mails is our goal. You’d never wanna leave once you aboard this pirate ship of mayhem and carnage :partying_face::partying_face:
We also supply memes & paw babies pictures spam & can win world chatterbox tournaments, easy af :smirk::laughing:
Come take a walk to the darkside with us :skull_and_crossbones::pirate_flag:psst we got bourbon :tumbler_glass: :eyes:


Kick me so I can rejoin again . The ad seems too lucrative to miss :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wanna feel special and wooed

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Language: english
Time Zone: aus
Played time: idk ive been on and off for about 5ish years now
Age Range: 18+ lol
Elite Account?: nope
Dragon Roster Includes: Durgotth, Taillos, Cleillis, Rhyo, Lyzok
Highest Lineage Dragon: have harbinger eggs, cant hatch :frowning: working on the storage hut → incubator.

Plan on first seasonal mythic this season, gonna be grinding quests and every event as far as i can <3

I will bring burgers

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Think your level needs to be a little higher. Theyre looking for players that are level 500+, though if youre close to being level 500 they might be willing to accept you.

But I dont speak for the team so I dont knownif theyd be will to accept people around 490, but just by scripting you…you have a few more forts to go to get close to 400.


Well, you may not speak for the team but you’re not wrong lol :laughing:

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After event works? :joy:

Guess you’re level 300-ish :eyes:
We can make place for you in the team
PM if you want to

I mean I usually assume most teams dont really want to except anyone under their minimum level. Not counting exceptions like a player being maybe like no lower then 10 under their minimum level, 490 for example for your team.

I would absolutely love to at the end of this weeks event, just want to grind this season for the mythic hunter <3. And yeh im lvl 300 but ik what im doing dw, played since 2017ish :slight_smile:


You’re right, honestly speaking, a level 300 would have a hard time meeting our atlas requirements or what we aim for. I have nothing against the younglings, I could always ask around in my TA, we have lower apr teams that would be better suited for a smaller level to get glory as well

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I’m just saying we are doing better than everyone else so let’s have the people over who wanna have fun in the small pond :joy: it’s been fun :fire:

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Come on and join the fun. Hit who you when you want and burn some shit up​:fire::fire::fire:

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This is the best team. The leadership is awesome and the team actively participates and works together :heart:


Best team ever!!

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This is a awesome team …great strategy/system going … something many teams lacks on …

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you’re our best player :crazy_face: