LFM DarkSouIs Recruiting lv100 and Up

We use line to communicate outside of the event. We war often so if you cannot do your war runs this isn’t the team for you. Looking to climb the ranks with only the best.

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – `platinum league’ lv100 and up’

Language:English preffered
Time Zone:any
Played timeany
Age Range: mature
Elite Account?:not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes:green and up
Highest Lineage Dragon:any

About:DarkSouIs, spelled with a capital i is a platinum league team that is rebuilding and would love to have active, strong players to get us back to the top! Currently looking for players minimum lv100. Contact LadyJeatta for more information. I look forward to hearing from you. We are in general a fun and active group that does well in events, why not join us?

One thing… Please don’t chain backstab me when remastered comes out :sob:

Come again? Do what?

You’re in a team with Darin souls players, Ask them what was chain backstabbing in the original dark souls.

I know there is another team called DarkSouls, I’ve been with this team since bronze league and just recently have become its leader, if u know the players that are responsible, please don’t hesitate to tell me who.

Okay it’s obvious you don’t know what I mean so let’s start over. Can I invite you to a chat?

Sure ,cause if something is going on that I don’t know about, I’d sure like to be enlightened.

Nah. I think I mistook you for the other dark souls team

Oh ok. As long as your sure.

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