LFM - Diamond 2 - Rulith - Level 300+, Harbinger+


They will… with sparkling nipple tassels!


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Rulith has an opening! If you’re interested, shoot my main (Red) a message in game.


:thinking: man to fly with these guys.


Just another 760k tokens to go till obsidian here.

Bet the minimum will be Vanguard when I get there :joy:


2-3 months of token grinding, not too bad :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m planning on getting the mythic hunter next season, so I’ll likely be at Noctua before the season ends


Rulith is recruiting for a single spot. Same ol’ stuff guys. You need to be better than my alt:

With Obsidian dragons or better. We aren’t considering anyone with lower dragons. If you’re interested, PM me in game (Red) or on the forums here. You can also message @forScience if I’m too scary.


Shouldn’t you update the title as well?


If their base is better :joy: not hard to beat my alts base I suppose


I’m imagining that the requirement will go up once more since this was posted right before fort🤔


Perhaps :woman_shrugging: I think we may have filled the spot actually :sweat_smile:


Spot filled :heart:


Who’d you get? :eyes:


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forSciPi, not forScience :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, forum PMs :green_heart:


Like the Borg?

Also… :hugs: to you from me.


Off topic.
How did you make expandable image? :face_with_monocle:


(and yes, I know which Borg you actually mean :stuck_out_tongue: )