LFM - Diamond 2 - Rulith - Level 360+, Vanguard+


Good idea…


Aww i waz jus playin hehe


My body is ready but my roster is not :sob::sob:

I will have Hau this breeding event, you know how to get at me :grin:


Mythic garnets new requirement :grin::grin:
As soon as you get caught up to the old ones lol


I have a mythic fire turret resist rune, does that count?


Wonder what the Requirements will be when I get Mythic Garnet :disappointed:


Why is mythic garnet even a requirement. Why not also require email and password upon acceptance so they can just make ur account the way they want.


Mythic Obsidian? or Mythic Harbs?

With all other dragons expert?


@eXecr8 I mean if they’re dropping $$$ sure why not :joy:


Here you go @TheRedDelilah


It’s called having standards. This is my team, and I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to require anything I please for applications as long as I’m not breaking the TOS or asking them to do so. As I have stated in the original post:

One of my alts is about to start Obsidians this event (level 275) and the other is mid-Garnet (level 166). If I bring in someone new, I want them to be a better choice than my small alt.

I chose mythic Garnet due to the level range we are looking for and the needs of the team in Diamond 2. My entire team is required to follow my “dragon check in” to ensure their power isn’t behind their base level. This ensures that war planning and such can be easily done and that we have people with the appropriate dragons. Does that mean I wouldn’t consider a strong flier with slightly lower lineage dragons (like Ragnar)? Of course I’d consider it - I’m not a fool.

Basically I’m sorry (sarcasm) that you don’t understand my requirements or why I require them.


Rulith is among the best team, so it won’t be weird if Red asks the best of the best😁


:heart: you’re a sweetheart! Mythic garnet isn’t even in the “best” category either hahaha. It’s now what, three tiers behind?


These requirements are getting further and further from me :cry:

Shortcut: fly Hau like a beast. That’s my only chance! :joy:


I almost always take super strong fliers with Hau (or Necryx), even if they are below where I’m looking for dragon wise. I’m pretty sure that’s how I ended up stealing @Lutrus :stuck_out_tongue: that man can fly

ExaltedDragons Recruiting S1 Team
LFT level 201 want to go to Diamond

He can fly his ass off with Hau. Just don’t let him at Ember :grin::grin::grin:


Good. Thats why i asked, u could pass up some great potential off a requirement like that but you are most certainly correct. U can set the bar where ever u want.


@TheRedDelilah I will trade you @MareZ for FS