LFM - Diamond 2 - Rulith - Level 360+, Vanguard+


Given the minimum requirement, it’s not enough I guess…
Perhaps you can try attacking some bases for review :grin:


Fly hau like a god and they’ll prob take a look. Otherwise you have to be significantly ahead on breeding w/ a capped short base to be appealing to em


We might have a spot open after the event. If you’re interested and meet our requirements, you’re welcome to reach out to me and @forScience here on the forums or in game. Note: while this is my forum account, my in game account is Red.


Might have a spot? Or do?


Might = my alt has it and the person would have to be better than my alt.

Just language I use because we’d rather have my alt than someone in like Sapphire/Garnet.


Hmmmm I’ll fight your new recruit! Let me at him/her!! Wait what? I’m loosing my mind Red… or is it lost? What?


/hands screwdriver to tighten your mind with


Thanks Science! Much better.

Tell whomever you accept I don’t like them for me. I don’t know why…


Is there pudding involved in this fight? Or bikinis? Or both?


Jello, but close.


If it’s lime jello and you wear a bikini, you can fight our new recruit :joy::heart:


Damn I bought Cherry and raspberry… I can run back out though? (I have a thing for red :wink:)


How could I say no to you in a bikini and red…jello :joy::joy:


You couldn’t… I’d be irresistible


Are they flirting? :flushed:


Don’t stop. Pretend my eyes aren’t glued to this thread. :grin:


Sam my eyes are all for you! :kissing_heart:


I’m a little hurt.

(And to the person who is thinking about marking this as off topic - as the OP I say this is okay)


I am charmingly on topic arnt I?


Whew for a moment I thought those bikini jello wrestling nazis were going to come shut this down…