[LFM] Diamond 2 - Rulith - Level 450+, Abyssal+ - near-term waitlist

You can just PM me now :rofl: - not updating this thread

Language: English fluency required (can be non-native language)
Time Zone: Any, Asia-Pacific a plus
Played Time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Required
Dragon Roster Includes: useful hunters, mythics, seasonals
Highest Lineage Dragon Hatched: HIORCA and above (rare exceptions to some people/longer-term waitlist)
Communications: LINE required

Opening: 0 - waitlisting people :slight_smile:

  • PM with a meaningful subject line - e.g. Name, Level, Dragon Tier, Current League + mail in-game to make a dragon/base check easier
    • Initial response: ~24h, often less, for strong applicants - bump if it’s gone over
    • After completed app: ~48h for decision, shorter with openings
  • PMs in-game, especially when cross-platforming, or LINE are very easily lost.


Rulith is a longstanding team from 2015 with focuses on organization, teamwork, activity, stability, lack of drama, and open communication. We mean open communication. Based upon constructive criticism, we’ll either pivot/plan ahead or provide reasoning for why we can’t/won’t. The majority of our leadership team has with the team for years; we also absolutely adore our newer officers :green_heart:, who have been unquestionably critical to our team.

We are knowledgeable, have a great set of members who are always willing to help, and we enjoy flying together. We are a team of adults from the 20s to the 60s, and we have a good time in our own way.


The way that I describe our environment is that it’s a bit like a corporate/professional office with more joking and innuendo (no NSFW). Though this may be a bit too tame or boring for some, it’s been a critical part of ensuring a safe space for all members and lack of drama. In our lounge chat, pets, food, and pretty scenery are the most common topics (100% innocent).


If this has been too long to read in full, we might not be the right team :innocent:, though even this skews long.

We do have minimum participation requirements for Atlas and major events (PvP). We didn’t previously require quests, as they weren’t worth the time, but we’re ramping up efforts a bit more on the new version. Required to us means kickable for missing.


We don’t have estimates on waitlist times, as that would be deceptive due to not kicking or having people leave on a regular basis. We don’t kick our high performing lower level members just because some higher level goes “Yo, I’m higher level, kick x.”

Feel free to check-in but expect a non-fluffy answer. The same is especially true for individuals who waitlist in advance and just want to do a status update.

I’m also working on revamping the waitlist (had some health stuff going on, so fell in priority) and shortening decision times (brought to leadership), so fell free to bump your PM, if you previously messaged.

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You’re replacing Mech :sob:

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mech’s actually been gone for sometime now >.>; , though we do love possums, so if there are more possums… :heart_eyes:


I know. Hope he’s enjoying real life. :sob:

Otters as well :eyes::rofl:


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What about tart fruit?


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Dehydrated lemons :thinking:

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Y’all don’t have enough animals.

The animals are afraid of ferocious otters :woman_shrugging:


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I conjecture that one might have realized that not all d*cks are bad? :smirk:


Hi, I’m looking to join a serious team who is interested in advancement and is highly organized. I’m relatively new to Atlas, but from what I’ve experienced, there’s a lot of disorganization. Moreover, while I’m fine with the social aspect of the environment, this is not my main area of interest. Mainly, I’m not really very interested in mindless chatter, pictures of pets and what people’s Friday night dates were like. If you think I would be a good fit for your team, please let me know.

:flushed: if you don’t like pet pics, it might not be a good fit. Just sayin :wink:


Most definitely not. Lol

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I’m 90% sure the people you’re even talking to aren’t on this team…

I’m also sure they are looking for 400+. Do you fit this?



We aren’t accepting your application, so please stop posting here. Thanks.

Edit: This is in reference to around 5+ posts that mods cleaned up as well :smiley: