LFM - FlyingArrows - Platinum IV - 50+ preferred

With a little luck it will be with a title like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My FlyingArrows are looking for a few players who are eager to War their way up through the leagues. Currently we are in Platinum 4 and all we need to rise are players who show up for every war. (Someone who can reliably take level 300 bases will be nice as we increase in leagues @Lx460 I’m sure you’d like a holiday… and I figured your reaction to getting tagged here would be amusing)

So if you are level 6 to 600 and interested in flying with us either apply or send me a message here or in game.

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Of course making sure you are at the top of the list would probably help (as I shamelessly bump my own post)

Also yes I am aware that I am unlikely to get any players 250+ but the point of my message is anyone who wants to be an arrow is welcome. If you happen to be a higher level xp runs will be a challenge but wars all I ask is take out the highest level base as lead attacker. If you want to help the rest of us great. If not just sit back with popcorn and we will do the rest. (Must bring own popcorn)

Time to bump this up again.


Another bunp

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