LFM - G1 - Gristlegrinder, gots Atlas - min level +43, max level 400 🐌

We’re the original members of HappyTogether so we’re more happy-go-lucky than kill and gore ya’ll. :eyes:

We still got 14 slots … and the below recuitment still applies to us. :slight_smile:


More about us … and how we do Atlas :grin:


And this is the mission statement we send to our members and applicants. It reminds us (and me) of what matters most.

Hello Mateys!

This message is to clarify who we are as a team. Our team’s mission statement is, “To create friendships, to have lots of laughs, to be for each other!”

In everything we do, I want us to do so with honor. We will not lie and we will not cheat. We will be kind and patient. We will be good examples to the young within our team.

Living out our mission statement means we will be less competitive. We try not to kick members for being inactive. Our only requirement is to do wars so we can stay in a good league. Event participation is optional. Real life happens, there will be difficult seasons. This game is meant to be fun, at times a distraction from one’s worries. Why add to our members’ burdens for a few digital trinkets? Some might not agree with this, when this is the case, I would advise the member that the fit is wrong. It will hurt to see them leave but it will be for the best. :rose:.

Jep is the leader of the team but is currently busy in real life. Until things slow down, I will be covering for him. In all, what Jep says goes. :+1:t3:

Sam :snail:



what if it is a good kind of a lie? :thinking:

The “your butt belongs on a Brazilian model” line? :thinking:

…but that’s not a good kind… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“I love my bacon and sausages burnt”?

…to some people, that’s not even a lie. lololol

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:eyes: Opening as requested :upside_down_face:


We got 12 openings to fill :slight_smile:

And we still got no Atlas infrastructure :grin:


We still have 8 openings at this point.

Thank you @Lux for this wonderful poster :kissing_heart:


We have three more openings. :slightly_smiling_face:

That awesome poster is doing its magic! :heart_eyes:


Got five openings. Possibly 7 after the event since two of our competitives might go off to s1 teams. :slight_smile: