LFM - G4 - TorquedNPowerd - Any

Language: English, at least enough to communicate
Time Zone: Global
Age Range: 18+ preferred, though we could wiggle

About: We’re looking to replace a few alts, and would like to pick up a few active players who are ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE when it comes to war hits. We’re typically between P2 and P4, have a strong core but need 50 people to show up every time. Defending in wars is expected, and event participation is strongly desired.

Our minimum level is currently set to 120 but we’re very flexible there. Activity level is far more important than level. If below 120 and interested, message botj or JaorbTNP in game.

If below 50, we have a gold “training” team that we’ll start recruiting for as soon as we can get these alts replaced.

We’ve bumped up to P3 this week and are still seeking real live people to replace our second accounts. Please check us out!

Update - We’ve arranged a merge with another team, filling our platinum team (for now) and breathing some life into our gold development team. We are now recruiting for the gold team. It’s a great place to learn the ropes of the game and grow, with the chance to advance to our platinum team in time. Reach out to JaorbTNP or JaorbJr if interested.

Rebuilding has gotten off to a solid start, but we still have a number of inactives to replace. Winning an event in gold 4 isn’t exactly something to brag about, but it’s a start. Join now and you’ll get fantastic rank 1 prizes. (Cough in gold cough). Should be moving up in the next week or two as we continue to build the roster.

Another solid week earns promotion, unless a couple hundred teams jump us between now and war end. (We have a win locked up as well) Space is actually starting to become somewhat limited, join now!

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