LFM - GloryFlames - P2

GloryFlames is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining an active atlas team. We are part of an amazing alliance and have a great supporting 5TA. We have a great core group of players that are extremely game knowledgeable and eager to help.

  • Castle of every Element :fire::earth_africa::cyclone::dash::snowflake:
  • 880 egg tokens atlas daily
  • 7 Castles total - Atlas active team
  • Team support in Events
  • Build and maintain troops
  • Snipe lists
  • Prim training events
  • Raids

Apply today!!


Hello! GloryFlames have now turned to being Altlas Pirates! Come join the stress free bubble party!

Who is looking forward to PVP this week? I know we are, come join a awesome, low stress team, and cause mischief in atlas!


We made some room for some new players to join our team! Apply today, tell your freinds