LFM - GloryFlames - S3

GloryFlames is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining an active atlas team. We are part of an amazing alliance and have a great supporting 5TA. We have a great core group of players that are extremely game knowledgeable and eager to help.

  • Castle of every Element :fire::earth_africa::cyclone::dash::snowflake:
  • 880 egg tokens atlas daily
  • 7 Castles total - Atlas active team
  • Team support in Events
  • Build and maintain troops
  • Snipe lists
  • Prim training events
  • Raids

Apply today!!


Hello! GloryFlames have now turned to being Altlas Pirates! Come join the stress free bubble party!

Who is looking forward to PVP this week? I know we are, come join a awesome, low stress team, and cause mischief in atlas!


We made some room for some new players to join our team! Apply today, tell your freinds

Who is ready for the new season?? I know we are. We have made some room on our team and are looking for some active players. Reach out if you want to join an awesome team!

Week 1 of the new season is in the bank. Concerned a new castle.

Come join a fun team and lets burn together

How was your week? Not sure about you but we had a busy week conquering castles and building our bases. We also had a few players retire from the game so we got some new openings on the team.

Apply today and finish your atlas season strong :muscle:

The atlas season is coming up, and I don’t know about you, but we are excitied. Lucky for you we have a few openings!

What we offer:

No mile long no hit lists (for those that love sniping)
Defensive prim training events
Castle Guard swaps
Awesome 5TA
Most importantly… FUN!!

GloryFlames is looking for several active players that are interested in joining an active atlas team. We have a great core group of players that are extremely game knowledgeable and eager to help any and all new players.

  • 8/8 and 5/5 is required
  • Building and maintaining troops is required
  • No Mega Alliance / Small No hit list
  • Castle Gaurd swap every pvp event
  • Prim Training event every glory event
  • 6 Castles - :earth_africa::snowflake::new_moon_with_face::wind_face:

Bump! Still have some spots to fill. We are a fun bunch who get it done! Come apply today!

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We are coming up on the mid point of the season… are you were you want to be? If not, join a fun flying team! Just getting 8/8’s overe here!

Another PVP down and another team prize! If you are an active player looking to have fun and get more out of the game, come fly with us.

Plenty of glory opportunities as well!

look at that, another successful event. If you are an active player looking for a team that gives back, look no more! We hit our numbers, we have fun, we get glory!! What else could you ask for???

So lots of exciting stuff happening on the team. We aquired more castles! Also, Before the PVP event we moved up to P1 and thought lets see what happens. Well I will post the screenshots and let them speak for themselves!

If you are an active player looking to get more out of the game, looking to have fun with a group experienced flyers, wanting glory opportunities, come send me a chat and apply with gloryFlames. You wont be disappointed!

Hello! It has been a while, but we have a few folks looking to retire. If you are active and would like to join a fun flying team, give gloryflames a try! We have many opportunities for glory!

It is here, the end of the season! Not sure about you but glad that crappy season is over.

Speaking of crappy, did you meet all your goals last season? Did you need to spend a bunch of rubies to complete your seasonal lines for get that mythic?

If you are active player getting your minimums done (5/5 & 8/8), I would suggest you apply to GloryFlames! We are always ls looking to add new members. We are an active team that gets 5/5 and 8/8 (those extra sigils are awfully nice for meeting your seasonal goals👍).

Looking for glory? Need help with atlas? We have many experienced players that can help you. No big no hit lists, we do prim traning events, guard swaps, and raids :muscle:! What more could you want?

Come start the new season with us (the new season is looking nice :slightly_smiling_face:), apply today, even if full as we have some alts looking to be retired!

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It’s that time again. We are always looking for active players to join the team. We get all the team prizes and all the glory you could want. Apply or chat me, even if full, as we have some alts that can be dropped!

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Another week another 8/8. I dont know about you but breeding drags on too long. Anyways, if you are looking for a competitive team to join, give us a shot, you wont be disappointed.

Apply even if full or chat me!

We have a few available spots this week.
Plat1 - 8/8 - 5/5 is a requirement.
CGS and Prim Trainings available weekly.
Castles of all elements.

Send us a mail if you need more information!
Or scroll up and check us out.


BUMP! Who is ready for the new fight pits!?!

We have a few spots open so if you are active and can make 8/8 and 5/5 come join us. Also as mentioned previously we have lots of opportunities for glory too!