LFM- Gold 1 Angry Ghaums- ColumbiaGorge -level 50+

Our team is based out of the Pacific Northwest, but has members throughout the world. We are looking for a few new members to replace members who have gone inactive. We are looking for players who are active. Participation in all wars and events are mandatory unless you can give a leader a valid emergency as to why you can’t participate. Our leader has asked that players stay off team chat, as we love to share information and resources. This way we can give you the most accurate information to help you improve. We also love to have fun.
If this sounds like your type of team, please contact MrSeahawk and tell him you saw this post and want to know more about how to join a team that wants to return to Platinum where we have been for most of the last several months.
Happy Flying everyone!:smile_cat:

A couple more players went inactive due to technical issues of being able to get in game. We would love to have you join us before the start of breeding. We will help you get tokens and food to level up your dragons.

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