LFM – Gold 1 – FishFamily – 50+ Happy to help grow lower, dedicated players

We are the FishFamily!

Started by HisMajestyFish in early 2016, FishFamily is an Australian Guild created by our beloved leader who recruited his friends from real life to enjoy in the fun! Currently we have over 25 people that have started with us from level 6, as soon we could look for teams!

The FishFamily currently floats between Gold 1 and Platinum 4, and is looking for some dedicated players to fill out our last few open spots! We have some great team participation in events and wars, always getting at bare minimum the new 300 Sigils achieve for 30 players reaching x points. We have extremely helpful and always Very Active officers, including one from a different timezone so there’s always someone to help with Events and Wars.

Preferable wanting some 50+ players who can take care of themselves, but are willing to take on lower, dedicated players who wish to grow! Members are required to get 5 flames in any wars, but remember the @officers are only a tag away to help get this done. We are also able to help you hunt for Lumber/Food or assist in your Super and Mega attacks!

As most of us are friends in real life, we use a big Facebook Group Chat to communicate that over 50% of the team are in, and all members are welcome to join. P.S You don’t need a Facebook account, just a Messenger account to join, as we have a few who don’t actually use Facebook.

Any 50+ just search FishFamily, or if you’re below that level and wish to join and grow stronger in an awesome environment, send myself SlothFish or HisMajestyFish a in game message!

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