LFM - Gold 1 - I776 - 50+

Language: English
Time Zone: Mainly US time zones, some European
Played time: Daily players preferred
Age Range: 18+, but younger considered based on maturity level
Elite Account: If you got it, great, if not, no big deal

If you are looking for a casual, laid back, no pressure team, look no further. We have the full range of levels from 12-200+ and stress helping your teammates to better not only their dragons, but the way they them fly as well. All we ask is you to stay active, participate in wars, and help in events. It isn’t a game if you aren’t having fun, right?

If I776 seems right for you, or for more information, reply here or message me ingame and apply, even if we are full. We are looking to replace a few alt accounts and a few players that don’t have much time for the game (even with our really relaxed atmosphere, if you can believe it).


Join and learn from Jonesy - you won’t regret it


Seems like a good guy, he’s got genuinely good intentions, I would join him if you’re still reading this.

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Thanks @Grumpybigbird and @Fishbach !

races to snatch the team name AtlasShrugged

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That was a great team name, but I gave it up for an awesome team of folks!

You just hijack a team? Jk man glad you found a good fit!

Hijack? Never! @Crankypants asked me to come in and it was impossible to refuse the opportunity to lead such an active group of players while helping them learn and grow :muscle:


Our team needed muscle, his muscle needed a team. Rocking and rolling now. If you want to upgrade from your Silver team for Fight Pits reach out soon.

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Looking to replace a few players before Fight Pits. Apply today, before it’s too late to reap the rewards :+1:

About to have an opening or two, come hang out with us - it’s a good time :+1:

Still looking to fill a few vacancies by the end of this event. All levels are welcome, just shoot me a mail ingame for an invite.

Get your sweetie what she really wants this Valentine’s Day by joining a different team. Have three spots left to fill before the breeding event starts, come on over. :gift_heart:

Still have a few vacancies, but not any broken hearts! Check us out if you are looking for a relaxing, fun time :+1:

Oh yeah, we don’t use Line or any other 3rd party chat app. Not that we have anything against them, just don’t feel the need for them as we truly are just relaxing and enjoying the ride.

These guys are the bomb. Just saying. :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Thanks @BeaWilde !

Still have a few slots to fill, check us out!

Im very interested in joining but currently a lvl 29 but will be 30 very soon. Ive only been playing about 3 weeks and i’m extremely active. Im looking for a very active clan that I can learn and grow in. Im an older mature adult so no drama here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sending you a mail ingame :+1:


So SPaZZd0G joined us, very happy to have him, but I’ve still got room at the moment for one, maybe 2 more lucky players.

We’re just wrapping up a top 5 finish in Breeding (cause come on, EVERYONE loves to breed, right?) and just polished off not one, but TWO wars to move on up into Gold 1 for this upcoming Capture the Flag. So come on, drop me a mail ingame or just hit the Apply button.

See ya soon!