LFM - Gold 1 - I776 - 50+


Looking to replace 1 or 2 inactive players. Drop an invite if interested. If you’re looking to chill, this is the place to it :+1:


Still looking to fill a vacancy, possibly replace a few inactives as well.

Looking for a chill team, with no pressure? You’ve found us. Apply ingame or shoot me a msg here or ingame :+1:


Still looking?


Yes, we are


Only level 31 if thats ok send ingame mail


Ok, sent :+1:


Still looking for a few active members :eyes:


Always on the lookout for new members. Apply even if full :+1:


I’m interested. Quit playing over a year ago and waaaaay out of practice. Game looks different. I’m a lvl 52, a few old drags in my stable. Pacific timezone. 40+ yrs of age. Msg me in game.


Go ahead and message Jonesy or CrankyPants and send in an app. I’d be proactive in case they don’t check this thread for a bit, and they are awesome dudes it sounds like a great fit for you :+1: Good luck!


Already mailed ya ingame :+1:


Like I was saying I’m sure Jonesy will get to you immediately :+1: lol


We are like catnip for old dudes.


Always on the lookout for a good fit for our laid back team :+1:


Still looking for a few new folks to come chill with us. Drop a line here or ingame if you’re interested!


Ugh, kids. Wish my own kid had just up and left in the middle of the night with no warning…

Ok, kidding, maybe?

Anyway, looking to fill a vacancy, possibly replace an inactive or two. Check us out, an ADULT team, with a very very FEW, MATURE, young adults left…


Got a few vacancies opening up in about 40 minutes. Come on over and relax with us.

We might just get crazy and go for Sapphire, cause, well, Atlas :joy:

Ok, just kidding about Sapphire, but there’s a good chance we may find ourselves in Platinum soon :blush:


Well darn.

Come join an HONEST team.

Gotta work our way back up after these 10 war losses. Thanks exploiters.

Edit 11

Edit again, 13. Gonna be fun regaining those numbers :smiling_imp:


So we are working our way back up, while taking it easy and enjoying WDs I776 style.

Come join us, a laid back, relaxed team, as we make the climb :+1::muscle:


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