LFM Gold 1 MemorieSIII lvl 40-100

Language: English
Time Zone: Any but prefer Eastern or Central
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: unimportant
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

MemorieSIII is the kid sister team to MemorieS and MemorieSII which is not to say we’ve become a dumping ground for alts. It just means that the first two teams have become so famous that a need has arisen to create a third, younger team filled with hopefuls ready to be catapulted into a higher league. We’re currently looking to round out the roster with mature-minded players who are ready to have fun and blow some stuff up. We’ll never coerce you to spend a single penny on this game and you’ll have the full support of some very powerful teams and players. Our only stipulation is that you be ready to improve your base with our guidance, show up to every war (seriously our war schedule isn’t grueling at all) and get on the scoreboard in every event.

All applications are reviewed by either me or one of the officers. If you’d like to introduce yourself above and beyond the standard application form mail me in-game at rarteaga1975.

And you didn’t misread that, we’re looking for players UNDER level 100 as you’re not likely set in your ways regarding your base layout. On the other hand if you’re just looking for a chill but dedicated group of people to play with and you’re over level 100 you’re not automatically locked out. Write us and see what’s what.

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