LFM - Gold 1 - ReptileInferno - Lv. 84+

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 1 Angry Leviathans – ReptileInferno – Lv. 84+


Language: English
Time Zone: All
Played time: Active/Very Active
Age Range: Old enough to play, 18+ preferred
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: n/a

About: ReptileInferno is recruiting up to 2 very active players to join us as we climb the ranks! You must participate in Wars and Events as participation is mandatory to stay on the team. Our players use team chat to help each other out with war backup, exp, quests, etc. We support our players and ask you to help out others in return. Join us and let’s climb above the roadblock that is Gold 1!

Bump! Still recruiting up to 8 players~ Lv. 84+ that want to join a Gold 1 team who just burned down Temple Raid placing 1st.

Bump~ Recruiting up to 2 active players to join ReptileInferno - Gold 1 - Team Rating 1544 ! We have a solid core team looking to fill up spots in order to push on upwards into Platinum :blush:

Edit #3: Only 2 spots open on our team! Email me or officers in game or apply~

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