LFM - Gold 1 - TargaryanHorde - 40+

No BS - we have been trying to get a few more active members to stay competitive in the Gold 1 league. We know there’s a bunch of people in the same boat that we are - just trying to advance to Platinum, have a strong core, but just a few more members to keep up with wars.

We’ll be happy to take any active players. We also have entertained the possibility of a merge – lets talk

SoulsHaven (moves between Plat III and IV, hoping to move up further) has room for 15-20 good active folks if you’re interested in a merge :slight_smile:

We’ve done a successful merge before back in gold and it helped us a lot. Hoping to do the same now. We’re drama-free and laid back, the sister team of LeagueofSouls in Diamond 2. If you’re interested, let’s talk! :smiley:

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