LFM-Gold 1-xPyschWardx- green tier or higher preferred

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Language: English
Time Zone: US mostly but some in Aus, Europe
Played time: 7 months some over 1 year
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: preferred but not required

About: Little crazy but fun. Pretty competitive but we don’t make you spend. 2 players with sapphire dragons and 1 with plaitnum. Would like actives or very active as the team is very active. Will make considerations for newer players if they are very active and have elite but we could really use a few more over 100. Currently have spots for 4. Easy to move to platinum when the roster is full. Alts of higher players in other teams welcome as long as they can get event points and do wars. We do have Line group. Message Me in game or on line at valkyrie5830 totally or if you have questions.

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