LFM - Gold 2 - CalicoFyre - Looking for group of players that want to play together, or a smaller team that wants to merge up

6 weeks ago I quit my platinum team and started a new team. We have built up steadily and are doing really well. Currently we are in Gold 3, but we are already above the cut for Gold 2 so we will be moving up on Tuesday. We have a good core of mighty mid-level players and 4 active and enthusiastic officers. I am providing the “heavy” hitting, starting garnet tier now. We have a war record of 33-1. We have not placed lower than 6th in any event since we formed, and got #1 in 3 of them (1 at the gold III level). Our activity is consistently above 80. We have about 30 good players. The team is filled out to 49 with alts and not-so-good players. We are a very strategic team and we beat other teams with better fire power than us pretty regularly.

I am looking for an infusion of additional firepower because recruiting players one at a time sucks and we will need the fire power as we get into Gold I range. I would like to kick the alts and not-so-good players. I am interested in groups of 5-20 players who know each other and want to play together and move up. My ultimate goal is to see how far up a low-spending team can get in this game (Plat 2 or 1 maybe?)

So if you are a group thinking about leaving your current team, or if you are a lower or peer team that would like to merge up please contact me. I have two officer spots available, currently held by alts, that could be made available to the designated members of a sufficiently large joining group so that the joining group would be represented in leadership. Group members can be any level as long as they are very active, but preferably the group would have an average level >60 and at least one or two players >100.

Individuals welcome to apply as well.

Language: English
Time Zone: Half the team is in USA and half in New Zealand, so we are pretty much active round the clock
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: No restrictions as long as very active
Highest Lineage Dragon: No restrictions as long as very active

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