LFM – Gold 2 (hear me out) – CHL3FZ


Language: English mainly, but we’ll take any! We have many multilingual teammates as well
Time Zone: Any, again we have people from all over
Played time: Any! Experienced and newer players alike are welcome :slight_smile:
Age Range: 13+, we’re family friendly for the most part
Elite Account?: Not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes: any
Highest Lineage Dragon: any
Level preferred: 60+, but we’ll take any that want to grow. Give us a try!


We’re a warm and friendly team who are just starting out again, having moved together to another team for atlas access. We have a great core group so our team chat is very friendly and we are overall very active!

We’re looking for team players that are looking to grow along with us! Both newer players who are looking to learn more and experienced players who would like to help a newer team grow are welcome.

Don’t let our lower league discourage you if you aren’t very competitive this season, we’re sure to grow soon! Usually score top 3 in events when we were higher in gold, currently always 1st. Meet 5/8 consistently and many of our players keep up with quests. If you’re looking for a friendly team that also prioritizes growth and advancement, try us out!

Atlas optional, and we have experienced players willing to help you learn if that is an interest to you! Atlas pirates as well! :pirate_flag:

We’re just starting our journey and we’re sure to fly to great heights, join us now to be a part of our growth!

Thank you! If you have any questions, let me know here or email me in game. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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