LFM - Gold 2- StillAliveX - Atlas team 18+

Hello there,

Looking for a fun, No drama team, well join us.
Like all teams we ask to be active, participate in events etc… but we don’t do drama.
We all work toghetter and try to get up in ranks, but never forget to have funn on the way!

Some of us, like myself, are ancient players back from retirement, others are newer to the game.
Currently we are in gold 2 but we are looking to move up as soon as we get our team full.
I started this post January 8th and we where at 22 members. Today (jan 25th) we are at 41.
So building up is going realy fast.

So even if you have a team, and would like to join forces, let me know, maybe we can work something out.

Current team Setup:

  • 41 Members
  • Highest LVL 467
  • 400+ Lvl Players: 3
  • 300-400 Players : 3
  • 200-300 : 8

Atlas : 3 castles - 5TA

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:
IGN : RabidJudgke
Team: StillAliveX
Line: Judgke

Kind regards

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Update: 31/50 members now. Still have 19 places

37/50 - 13 places

Gotta put something in here to keep this alive no?

:ok_hand: sending an app!

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Thx nd welcome.
I’ve accepted you

language requirements?

i have a friend of a buddy that’s looking for an atlas team that he can have his main and alt, but he doesn’t exactly speak fluent english.

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If he speaks the basics, for me that is ok, for example if i ask him ( attack nr x in war please)
We can aways try it out, there is room for both accounts.

got it. will toss it to my buddy. he’ll deal with his friend.

fyi, the main of his is lv 200ish with 1.5m+ troop count and the alt is 40? 50? something like that with 100k+ troop.

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Superb, looking forward to it.

I updated the post again, PLaces are becomming rather limited, only 9 left!!
Dont miss out
Kind regards,