LFM - Gold 2 - ZeroFsGiven - Any Level

Language: English
Time Zone: Any, we currently have a fairly large portion of Australian players, would love some more to cover other time zones as well
Played time: We welcome and teach new fresh players or welcome experienced players alike
Age Range: 18+ (we have quite a few 30+ and older players)
Elite Account?: Yes please, only serious way to play.
Dragon Roster Includes: Any is fine
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any is fine

We are a growing team with a focus on players who want to succeed at the game. You don’t need to be big and strong now, we just ask your active and have a willingness to learn and listen.

  • Must not miss any wars
  • Must achieve 100k medals per week
  • Must score at least the first 13 prizes in events
  • Must talk and chat and enjoy the fun of an active chat
  • No Drama :slight_smile:

Message me in game or simply join up and say hi

Bump, still looking for new players :beers:

Hey I can help you recruit to the best of my ability.

That would be great if you wanted to join up and help us build and recruit!

Whoops, thought I was replying to you. Yeah that’d be great if you wanted to join up and help us build and recruit :ok_hand:

Can’t join because I’m not 18 but I’ll help you.

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