LFM – Gold 3 – FireDrakes – prefered 60+

Hey there!

FireDrakes are looking for more members. We haven’t had much luck with ingame recruiting lately so I decided to leave a post here.

We have been in Gold 3 for quite some time now and hope to move on once we get the team filled with active players. The most core team members are level 60 or higher, so I’d prefer player at that level or higher. But we are also open for player with lower level. We are looking for player that are reliable in war and event and that help eachother.

Team language is English. So it is expected that joiner are able to read and write English.
I can help in German though. We may have some other languages in team as well.

Time Zone:
That’s open. We are an international team. Most members are Americans or Europeans. So we have player for all day.

There isn’t much to say to the other template points, I think.

If you are interessted just send me or my officers a note or apply directly ingame.

Regards Xayara

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