LFM - Gold 3 - MistOfDawn - Lv 10+


Language: English
Time Zone: No preference
Played time: Active to Very Active status
Age Range: No preference, although we do act childish (because a lot of us are)
Elite Account: No preference
Dragon Roster Includes: Doesn’t matter… tho Dodo is cool XD
Highest Lineage Dragon: Doesn’t matter

About: We are VERY DRAMATIC but we are also fun to hang around with. We like to goof around a lot, having Yo Momma Fridays and roleplaying here and there. I’m looking for more like-minded individuals who are crazy like us, and are competitive in events but are not concerned in moving up the leagues. We won’t stay in gold forever, but I put my team first in doing well in events and becoming more social. If you are interested, message CalmPotato, and if you are not certain this team is right for you, ask a few members of my team.

Thank you for reading at least! :joy:


o.o i was about to make a forum post about this but I guess u did this before i did…


Lol yep! Tell me if you want me to change anything tho that I missed.


i have read itttttttt :yum:

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