Lfm-gold 3- nequissimi-35+

Language: English prefered
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 18+ Requested
Elite Account?: Not necessary, but a plus

Hello all :blush:
We are a rebuilding team looking for several (10-12) active to very active players to come kick some butt and have fun doin it! Players big and small wanted! level is negotiable, as long as ur willing to learn and grow with us as we make our way to higher leagues.
We have a strong core with helpful and fun players ranging from levels 16 to 230+… We work hard, play harder :sunglasses: … Place top 3 to top 5 in events as well…
Our chat can get a little on the mature side at times, so we ask for ages 18+ please :joy:
As most teams are, war and events are mandatory, we do require line chat as well…:blush:
We do plan on moving up leagues quickly when we fill up with the right players!
If u feel u fit the bill, U can contact me here or on game for any inquiries, thanks for y’alls time :blush:

Don’t be shy guys! We don’t bite that hard! :joy: Check us out! :blush:

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