LFM - Gold 3 (Platinum 3 team rebuilding) - Thegamers2 - none (Fun no stress team looking for new members!)

Language: English
Time Zone: Any (we are an international team)
Played time: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: If you want it
Dragon Roster Includes: Anything
Highest Lineage Dragon: Anything


Summary: I just want a team of loyal people who want to have fun, enjoy the game and the company, participate in wars and events, and don’t get stressed, impatient, or cause drama (and can speak English as one of their languages). The rest, I don’t really care about. The people are what keep this game fun, so I mostly care about them. Feel free to look us up to see our description. :blush:

Looking for people who:
:small_blue_diamond:Believe RL is more important than a game
:small_blue_diamond:Want to have fun and joke around
:small_blue_diamond:Aren’t impatient
:small_blue_diamond:Don’t get stressed over their teammates participation, but instead trust that the officers and I are trying to replace slackers, whom we don’t like either.
:small_blue_diamond:Don’t cause drama
:small_blue_diamond:Care more about enjoying the game and possibly the company than winning at any costs.

:small_blue_diamond:Any age, level, level of experience in the game, country, etc.
:small_orange_diamond:We do not expect or want our high level players to carry the team in events or wars. Play and help out however much you want. This is a game, so just have fun! :blush:
:small_blue_diamond:English is at least one of your languages
:small_blue_diamond:At least talks in team chat before doing war attacks
:small_blue_diamond:Participate in wars and events

What we have:
:small_blue_diamond:Room for groups
:small_blue_diamond:A leader with 2+ years experience leading (bad habit of picking impatient officers though)
:small_blue_diamond:An allied team where temporarily busy members can hang out until they can be active again because we believe RL is more important, and we don’t want to punish people by kicking them out of the family because they are busy.
:small_blue_diamond:A nice wiki

:small_blue_diamond:We were in platinum 3 (due to the member’s levels, events in higher leagues who have been too hard)
:small_blue_diamond:Currently in Gold 3. It is easier to get individual event prizes in PvP events down here than in higher leagues (It shouldn’t be, but it is). The only downside is less daily egg tokens.
:small_blue_diamond:With enough active people, we can get back up to a higher sub-league with better daily egg tokens.

Please let me know if you have any questions! You can comment or send me a message in the forums or the game. :blush:

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