LFM-Gold 3- SavageInc is recruiting now, join the party

Looking for More
LFM– Gold 3, will be moving up when we get more members.
Looking for anyour level who will be willing to join, also will teach lower levels if needed
Language: English!
Time Zone: Any, we try to keep the team going 20/7
Played time:Over a year, as long as they know the basics, again will teach aswell.
Age Range: 18+ we keep it Pg anyways.
Elite Account?: not preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: any.
Highest Lineage Dragon: orange, green tier at least, any will do.

About: We are SavageInc, a friendly team but are competitive none the less who also know how to get things done, we are forming a team of mayhem and destruction and are looking for more members to help dominate the ranks on our journey to the top.
We are looking for anyone to train and people to also help train others, we are in Gold 3 right now but will be going to G2-G1.
Come apply to SavageInc today.
Or message Leader ArcAngel19
Officer SDK1 :+1::ok_hand:

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