LFM - Gold 3 - TheGoonies - 60+

Our team was originally created for players in sapphire and beyond to grow their alt accounts. Now we’re looking boost or member base and bring TheGoonies from Gold 3 to sapphire 3 by the end of the Spring season. In order to do this we’re looking to fill over 15 new opening on our team.

2 weeks ago I stepped down from diamond 2 to lead TheGoonies to greatness. My first act as leader was to cut all the deadweight on the team. Now I’m agressively looking for adult daily active players level 60+ to join us.

Like most other serious teams we do require the folowing from all our members…

  • Keep Active Status or Higher
  • Follow war Strategy & Earn 5 Flames in All War Attacks
  • Participate in Weekly Events & Follow Event Strategy
  • Help Follow Members with XP Runs and Resources
  • Join Our Teams Line Chat Group

If you would like to join our new little family please apply. If you would like more information about our team please hit me up on Line. My Line ID is fr33ag3nt.

Language: English
Time Zone: All (International Team)
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not Required (yet)
Dragon Roster Includes: Gold Level Dragons and Beyond

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