LFM - Gold 3 - WeLive4WAR - 6+

TLDR: We have atlas, If you are reading this you are welcome.

WeLive4WAR is recruiting!

We have no level requirement. We encourage lower levels to join if you’d like to pick up some tips on the finer aspects of the game. My wife and I enjoy helping others. You are welcome to come try out atlas, learn some stuff and then move on to a better team I’d you like.

Higher levels are also welcome. Come hit who you want in atlas. No alliances here. No castles to defend. Come make enemies and get all your gold farmed off of you. :joy:

Overall this the goal of this team is to be a safe place to play the game by your own rules. Wars are optional. Quests are optional. Events are optional. Just come hang out. Or don’t. That’s fine too.


not even a picture for your team, shame on you

Recruiting posters are optional with this team. :joy:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :+1:t2:

alert WARNING alert

Only 37 slots availible!!! Don’t miss out!


idk how you did those lights but they make me angerey

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Are moist towelettes optional?

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If PG would allow name changes, I would change the team name to WeLive4MoistTowelettes.

Isn’t that team name too long


Wow what a great time to join! (in 4 hours)

Only 26 spots remaining! Join today and you will be entered for a chance to win a free belly-button cleaning!

Is the cleaning done with moist towelettes?

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Well dang we going to gold 2 tomorrow. You know what that means? BETTER MOIST TOWELETTES!

We also have almost a full team now. Like 3 spots open maybe. We are having a lot of fun! Seasoned veterans who want to be free in atlas or n00bs who want to lean about why you don’t have enough green research eggs, message me or Bianca82 in game.

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I’m in!!!

I eagerly await your application!

Can I get an advance on the towelettes?

Unfortunately, no. If I did it for you, anyone could come request them and I need to save them for people who actually join the team.

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Where’s the trust? I thought we were comrades? :cry:

We totally are! I just cant set the standard of giving out freebies before folks join the team.

Do you have two more freebie sets of towelettes? :joy:
Two ex-teammates may roll in shortly for some fun and chill :v:t2: For the recommendation letter ask Tin :scroll: